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Fox ‘Tried To Eat’ Lola And Isabella Koupparis Says Expert: Pictures

by | 12th, June 2010

THE Fox: Lola Koupparis is back home in Hackney. Her sister Isabella Koupparis remains in hospital. Lola was bitten on the face. Isabella was bitten on the arm. Can the news be cranked up? Did the fox try to eat the chidlren? We says, yes. Our expert is news says “yes”.

Lola was “mauled”. He face looked like something from a “horror movie”. Says the Mirror of the “fox girl”.

The scratches on her face and bandaged arm tell yesterday of the damage a fox did to baby Lola Koupparis.


Fox Attack On Lola Koupparis And Isabella Koupparis: Pictures And Horror

Mum Pauline Koupparis says:

“I’m ecstatic. We’ve gone through every emotion imaginable. We’re glad she’s back. She’s doing fine.”

Scratches? Not bites? Fox scratches toddler! Read all about it. Why was this a big story? Over the newswires:

The twins were attacked as they slept at their parents’ smart three-storey home at around 10pm on Saturday.

The Sun has a different diagnosis:

Bite marks and bruises were clearly visible on little Lola’s face, and her arm was bandaged from where the animal tried to drag her from her cot.

The Star is more dramatic:

Wounds from the attack were still clear on her face, which was covered in bite marks and cuts.

In Nightmare Pictures: The Fox Attack In East London

Iain Hollingshead says the foxes are coming to get us:

Outfoxed! Urban foxes have become bolder than ever – and we are powerless to stop them

Send for the beagles!

The tide, it seems, is finally turning against the urban fox – about time, too, for those many rural dwellers frustrated by New Labour’s metropolitan, anthropomorphic misunderstanding of fox-hunting.

They kill famers? Kill the fox!

James Willshire, a spokesman for Hackney Council, said: “A fourth fox, a vixen, has been trapped at the house.

“We are using a cage trap which is set up in the garden with some kind of food used as bait. It doesn’t kill them straight away.”

The Telegraph brings news of yet another fox attack, taking the tally-ho to three:

Anne Cann, an Age Concern volunteer from New Malden in Surrey, woke in the early of hours last August to the sound of her elderly cat, Romulus, being attacked…

Mrs Cann, 74, said: “It hung on to the poor old cat and wouldn’t let it go. I picked up it up by it’s hind legs and I shook it and I bashed it and it just hung on. I got quite badly injured and bitten in the process.”

And the birds and mice cheered heartily. Any more?

London Fox Savages Second Child: Pictures

Stephanie Boyer, 46, rescued her three year-old son Louis from a fox as he played in their front garden in Wandsworth in 2000. She said: “As I pushed my son in front of me it was literally upon us.

“It banged into the door as I slammed it shut. It really felt like a full on attack.”

Felt like?

The fox is in the mire. Town and country are no longer safe. Can they swim?


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