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Koupparis And The Fox: Video Of Fox Attack Is A Good Laugh (Pictures And Video)

by | 13th, June 2010

KOUPPARIS and the fox: The media loves the blood and the gore. Isabella Koupparis remains in hospital, although no longer in intensive care. Given the ferocity of reporting,  there is a creeping feeling that the most voracious aspects of the media want Isabella Koupparis to suffer more – to die.

Lola Koupparis is now in the papers, looking bruised. This is the news round-up.

One organ has news of the tautological to make it sound worse and worser:

Baby girl savagely mauled by fox returns home

Can you be mauled in non-savage way – one that leaves “scratches“?

Fox ‘Tried To Eat’ Lola And Isabella Koupparis Says Expert: Pictures

The Mirror creates a picture of the fox trying to suffocate the child:


Cuddling little Lola, Nick Koupparis yesterday revealed that her sister Isabella, who is still in hospital, was left hardly able to breathe… Nick said: “Isabella’s doing much better but she was unconscious. She was on a ventilator but she’s off that now.”

A baby is on a ventilator after surgery? Isn’t this standard procedure? But it gets worse. The physical injuries are healing but the mental scars remains. A baby never forgets:

NOTW: “My fox baby’s nightmares”

Says mum Pauline Koupparis:

“It’s been great to have Lola home but she has been left traumatised by the attack, most definitely. She’s been having nightmares and shuddering in her sleep.”

London Fox Savages Second Child: Pictures

The fox issue is no longer a domestic problem. In America, foxes are massing. Foxes are now an international menace. Tally-ban! The Express:

THIS is the terrifying moment when a businessman frantically fights off a rabid fox as it savages him in broad daylight. The attack has become a YouTube sensation, with millions watching the animal repeatedly sink its teeth into the 58-year-old and lunge at his chest. CCTV cameras captured Vietnam war veteran Walter Wilson’s harrowing ordeal on an urban street.

Wanna see a fox take on vet? FIGHT!

Fox Attack On Lola Koupparis And Isabella Koupparis: Pictures And Horror

Foxes must die. This much is certain. Ruth Dudley Edwards is the woman who laughs at dead foxes:

I have a wealthy friend who moved to a fine house, bringing with her a fabulous and much-loved collection of exotic hens. It was so nice, she said, to see them scratching around on the terrace. Then one day there were no live hens, just bodies and heads strewn all around, and on the cctv film she and her husband watched one fox, as Robert put it, “sauntering” up the avenue and staging the massacre. It was because of that episode that when there was media coverage of a hencoop where a fox was pecked to death, I laughed.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Native wild life must not behave like, er, native wildlife when confronted by a rich woman’s pet chickens. The Goode Life will win! Anyone on side of the fox?

In Nightmare Pictures: The Fox Attack In East London

The Independent: “Who the hell does Brian May think he is?”

Simmy Richman wonders. And the question is rhetorical:

May held off until the Monday to post the following on his “Save Me” Facebook page dedicated to all things cute and cuddly. “Fox attacks babies?” he wrote under the heading “Brian’s Soapbox”. “Sure! And monkeys will fly… out of my butt. Ha ha. And I suppose there is proof?!!!”…

Well, no proof – no photos or CCTV of the incident as it happened. But the parents said they saw the fox. They are not the story. Unless the media can focus on them:

He quickly followed up that first post not with an apology, but with an entry entitled “HEAVY HEART” that, while it did concede that “our hearts go out to the two little children”, soon found its real cause for concern: “Our country,” he wrote – or “ranted” as the red-top press would have it – “is now run by a set of animal-hating people, already straining at the leash, slavering with a lust to kill and cause pain to animals. And now this. One very questionable case … no proof, no trial. And suddenly half of the country is after blood.”


Fiona McIntosh (Mirror): “Agitated about foxes? I am”

Well, you do have column to fill.

He was just playing! He didn’t mean it! Or as one RSPCA spokeswoman said: “The fox situation has been the same for the last 30 years. It’s just that humans are getting more agitated about them.”

So the savaging of nine-month-old Isabella and Lola, who are now suffering from “life-changing” injuries, isn’t a cause for “agitation” then?

Well, no. not for us. For her and her family, yes. it’s awful. But no, not for us.

The RSPCA needs a reality check. Maybe it should try offering a solution to the urban fox problem rather than insulting every concerned parent in the country.

McIntosh offers no solution. But she is agitated. And, anyhow, it is time to protect the Koupparis family as other humans agitate for a fight:

Daily Mail: “Mother of twins mauled by fox is threatened by animal rights activists”

They are out to get her? But it’s not about her. It’s about the chidlren and the fox.

Scotland Yard said it was not aware of a specific threat against the family but admitted that there was ‘concern’ over inflammatory postings on social networking sites.

So. She is not under threat from animal rights activists, then?

Yesterday a woman phoned the Radio 4 programme Any Answers to say she had heard from friends and relatives in Hackney that Mr and Mrs Koupparis were being ‘harangued and besieged’ by animal rights activists.

Any names of the activists? No. Any names of the friends? No.

The caller also said there were messages on internet sites, allegedly accusing the family of seeking publicity after their ordeal. One anti-foxhunting group set up a Facebook page called ‘Pauline Koupparis is a lying b****’.

The page has since been taken down.

Now for story about a fox. Snuggle up, kiddies:

A few years ago, wildlife rehabilitater Laura Nirenberg agreed to take custody of a young, wild fox because he was blind and could never be released back into the wild. She planned to use the fox in her work educating people about wildlife.

Kill the fox!

What she didn’t know then was that the fox, now named Freddie, would transform into something remarkable: a foster father to orphaned baby foxes who come through her rescue organization, Wildlife Orphanage, Inc., in La Porte, Indiana.

Freddie is honey trap to better seduced foxes to slaughter them.

Knowing of Freddie’s gentle nature, Nirenberg and her mother—who is also a wildlife rehabilitator—decided to let the babies into Freddie’s enclosure.

The gentle fox? Nah!

“It is very difficult to teach fox babies not to trust humans, because they imprint so quickly. But, even though Freddie trusted me, he taught the babies not to trust humans,” Nirenberg said.

Foxes are revisionists. Foxes must die!


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