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Derrick Bird: Seven More Deaths – Well, Maybe

by | 14th, June 2010

DERRICK Bird: Twelve people are dead but the tabloids continue to wonder if there could have been more. Derrick Bird is dead. The dozen victims are dead. There are eleven other victims. But no-one else has died. The story is not moving on. So. Can more victims be found? Can the number be made bigger?

Cue Nick James, star of the Sun’s:

“Gun madman bird crashed into my car… It saved seven lives”

To the scene:

Nick James was driving in West Cumbria with his girlfriend when Bird’s Citroen Picasso hurtled towards them on a country lane.

Nick swerved out of the way, crashing his Vauxhall Astra into a wall. Bird – who had shot dead 12 people – scraped past, damaging his taxi’s bodywork and bursting a tyre.

Seven lives saved how?

“The police said if I hadn’t allowed him to pass, he would have got out and shot us and the five others in cars behind us. I don’t doubt it for a moment. I got a good look at Bird as he passed and he was like a machine.”

The police know, do they? It’s possible. But Bird did not shoot everyone he encountered. And why make a horrific story worse. Is 12 dead not enough that we need to imagine how worse it could have been?

The tabloid bloodlust comes at a time when actual victims who were murdered are being laid to rest.

David Bird’s funeral will take palce today. Derrick bird’s twin brother was murdered in his bed at his home, High Trees Farm in Lamplugh. Also today, the funeral of Mr Mike Pike will take place at Distington Crematorium in Workington.

The tabloids want us to see the bereft and feel for the victims. But above all they want us to stare at the show…

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