Anorak News | The Monstering Of Cherly Cole’s ‘Attacker’ Danielle Beeres: Pictures

The Monstering Of Cherly Cole’s ‘Attacker’ Danielle Beeres: Pictures

by | 16th, June 2010

CHERYL Cole’s “ATTACKER “ who left her “terrified” is Danielle Beeres. Danielle is 21. Danielle, says, the Sun’s Andrew Parker, “talks about her constantly and practises copying Cheryl’s signature.

Does talking about someone a lot make you “obsessed”? That question to you, the Sun, OK!, Daily Star, Simon Cowell and more…

Pictures: Cheryl Cole Attacked With Pen By ‘Crazed Mob’ In Birmingham

Does talking about Cheryl Cole make you a potential “attacker”? Defamer’s Jess McGuire says she is “obsessed” with Girls Aloud. Is she dangerous. Might she ask for Cheryl’s autograph?

Danielle’s mum says her daughter was pushed into Cheryl by the weight of the crowd. The photographers who took pictures of the incident – Danielle took hold of Cheryl’s wrist and asked for her signature – seem to be the greater part of the mob.

Cheryl was in Birmingham for an X Factor audition. Once she kissed a fan at such an event. There was a fence beween the pair, but is kissing a fan not encouraging them?

Cheryl Cole Reunites With Ashley Cole For World Cup: Pictures

To put the tin lid on the tabloid monstering of Danielle, the Sun hears a former work colleague (name not given) tell readers:

It’s strange to see her sat there on a flight signing Cheryl’s name on bits of scrap paper. And weirder when she signs her own name ‘Danielle Cole’.

Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)

Is it weird? Given the upcoming divorce and Ashley Cole’s alleged past form, might she be less dreaming of being Cheryl’s No.1 pal then of squiring her estranged footballer?

In Pictures: Cheryl Cole And Derek Hough’s Ballroom Karma Sutra

But hold on! Cheryl still loves Ashley:

She’s still in love with Ashley and is desperately missing him. Finding out that he was seeing someone else made her realise how much she still feels for him.”

Ashley is said to be dating former lap-dancer Sarah Purnell (pics). And Closer magazine says:

“Cheryl Cole panics as new boyfriend Derek Hough wants too much too soon and she fears getting hurt again”

Ashley Cole And Lapdancer Sarah Purnell, Cheryl Cole’s Patriotic Double: Photos

Do you see? Anyhow, good old, Chezza. She dares to care. Or as the Star says:

X Factor babe Chery Cole, 26, will be quizzed by Piers Morgan, 45, on his ITV1 chat show Life Stories. A show insider said: “Piers has openly slammed Ashley in the past so won’t be pulling any punches.”

And so her career goes full circle…

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Cheryl Tweedy and Ashley Cole during a photocall to launch the National Lottery Dream Number, at Jasmine Studios in Shepherds Bush, west London.

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