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Why Joran Van Der Sloot Will Head Back To Aruba: Photos

by | 16th, June 2010

JORAN van der Sloot is in jail in Peru having confessed to killing one Stephany Flores. The Dutchman might also have killed American Natalee Holloway in Aruba in 2005. Sloot says he’d like to go back to Aruba. Hey, he might even locate Natalee Holloway’s remains. But he needs to go back because jails in Peru are full of nutters:

“I don’t want to be imprisoned in Peru,” he told police, according to a local newspaper. “I am afraid I will be killed”…

“Convicts inside have committed serious crimes,” criminal attorney Luis Lamas Puccio, who is not connected to the case, tells PEOPLE in Peru. “There is too much promiscuity, overcrowding and poor health conditions. I know Joran is isolated . . . This way he’ll be safe not only from rape but also from being killed.”

The other prisoners’ worries have not yet been relayed…

Meanwhile his own lawyer has quit:

I’ve received threats, many threatening e-mails. … This isn’t for me,” Maximo Altez told The Associated Press.

From whom?


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