Anorak News | Big Live Fish Swims Into Man’s Windpipe

Big Live Fish Swims Into Man’s Windpipe

by | 17th, June 2010

A LIVE FISH – 13-inches long – is tuck in Mohammed Kunhi’s windpipe.

To Kanhangad in Kerala, where the fish trader is holding a live fish between his teeth as he removes another fish from his nets.

The fish slips into his mouth, pelican like. To Mangala Hospital. Says Dr Ganapathy:

By the time Kunhi came to our hospital, his lungs, due to lack of oxygen, had collapsed and he looked sure to die of aspiration pneumonia.”

A bronchoscopy spotted the fish. A knife and the fish is removed via Kunhi’s throat.

Et voila, Mr Kim. Dinner is served

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