Anorak News | Man Attacks Police Who Wake Him From Good Dream

Man Attacks Police Who Wake Him From Good Dream

by | 17th, June 2010

WILLIAM Meadows is lying down in his pickup truck at a Chevron petrol station near Sunrise, Arizona. A worker at the station looks inside the vehicle. He knocks on the window.

Meadows wakes up behaves violently.

Sgt. Mark Ortega invites Meadows, 47, to calm down. And to sit down.

Meadows says the petrol station employee had interrupted avery good dream“. He is angry.

Ortega handcuffs Meadows. He takes him to his police car. Meadows kicks the back window. His legs are tied. Firefighters are called. Meadows spits on one of them.

Meadows is taken to the Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center. There, he bites amedi on the hand. And punches a nurse.

Which seems reasonable…

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