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The Moosical Beads Dirty Cow Toy Teaches Babies About Sex

by | 22nd, June 2010

THE Moosical Beads toy sings a song for the kiddies called “Learning colours and sex, yippee!”

SHOCKED mum” is Jodie Cairns, 20. She and her partner Zac Walker, also 20, “couldn’t believe their ears” as the toy taught four-month-old Ethan to sing-alonga-shag.

Says Miss Cairns:

“Ethan’s grandma bought the toy from Tesco in March as a present, but we didn’t get it out of the box because he was too little. Then yesterday we started playing with it and we noticed that it appeared to be saying ‘sex’.

Remove the batteries and toss it into the bin with the other filth. Or:

“We listened to it again and again and thought ‘Oh my God’. It’s shocking – what if my boy had been a lot older? What would they say about us as parents.”

If they boy were a lot older playing with this toy, we’d say he had other issues.

But let’s move on. We’ll have no talk of sex here. We’ll have no trouble. Unless we can record it and all listen. The baby’s grandfather, Brian Walker, adds:

“I recorded it on my computer so I could get a clearer version of the song, and I played it over and over”

And over and over and over and over…

“I’m certain it’s saying ‘sex’. My theory is that some technician has been having a laugh, but I suppose somebody could have gotten the word wrong by accident as it was made in China.”

In China “sex” means “goat love hooker”.

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