Anorak News | Man Too Bald For Belfast Police Force Wins Appeal

Man Too Bald For Belfast Police Force Wins Appeal

by | 24th, June 2010

A WANNABE copper has been rejected from the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s recruitment process because he is too bald to have a drugs test.

The test involves taking hair of up to 3cm in length,. But he didn’t have any. Furthermore, he could not provide harvest of 200 body hairs as an alternative.

The man calls in the lawyers.

In the Belfast High Court, lawyer f or the PSNI say they will reinstate the man in the recruitment process. He will be drugs tested in by an alternative method.

Anorak suggests using a police drugs testing method once used on him. Having been pulled over for the apparent crimes of Driving While Tanned and In The Company of A Black Passenger, the copper said he could smell drugs in the vehicle. This was nonsense. But when told he could not, the copper, retorted:

“How do you know what drugs smell like, then?”

Well, how did he?

Half an hour later we were free to get on with our careers. It’s not a perfect drugs policy, but it is effective…

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