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Julia Gillard Becomes Full-Forward For The Western Bulldogs

by | 24th, June 2010

JULIA Gillard is Australia’s un-elected Prime Minister. having osuted Kevin Rudd, here are a few of Gillard’s bon mots:

All we know is if the Howard Government is re-elected, we’ll have John Howard for a period of time, unknown, replaced by someone unknown because that will be in the hands of the Liberal Party.


“There’s more chance of me becoming the full-forward for the Dogs (Western Bulldogs AFL team) than there is any chance of a change in the Labor party – The Age

Forward With Kev!

REPORTER: But you’d be happy for Kevin Rudd to remain the leader of the Labor Party as long as he wants?

JULIA GILLARD: Absolutely.

The woman is not for Turning!

JOURNALIST: Will you challenge for the leadership before or after the election?

JULIA GILLARD: You know I’ve answered this question a million times with increasingly ridiculous sporting analogies. I do note of course that the Dogs are playing the Lions this weekend, maybe that’s not that smartest thing for me to be saying at a press conference in Brisbane, but rather than do another sporting analogy can I say what I’ve said all along, the speculation is, in my view, completely absurd – Source

Absurdly, she’s now the Prime Minister…


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