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Summer Of The Fox: Paedo Foxes, Jake Jermy Mauled And Koupparis Warns

by | 24th, June 2010

SUMMER of The Fox: Ever since Isabella and Lolo Koupparis were bitten by a fox in their London home, foxes have been in the media’s crosshairs. Foxes must die. And any news of fox is big news:

This Is Kent: “Super Gran fights off giant fox with shovel”

A TERRIFIED grandmother watched as a fox – feared to be the Beast of the Bubble – killed her pet rabbit and then turned on her

The Beast Of The Bubble. Says Eileen Gardner:

“It is one rogue fox. He cleared my six-foot fence and just grabbed poor Bow. He started to eat her, and I just had to do something so I ran out there, but he turned on me.”

Noooo. Take off the bunny suit! First it came for the bunny-wunnies:

“The weather is getting warmer and mums sometimes leave their babies in the garden – it could take a newborn with ease.”

Paedo Foxes!

Bucks Free Press: “Shock at fox in boy’s room in High Wycombe”

It came in through a cat-flap. Says Sudesh Jeewon:

“As I went into the room I saw movements under the bunkbed and thought that a neighbour’s cat has got into the house and had come upstairs. I could not believe my eyes when I saw myself looking straight into the eyes of a fox.”


“It was obviously distressed as I had inadvertently blocked its way out and was hiding behind a laundry basket under the bunkbed.”

So he picked up his son and left the room. The “scared” fox left by a window.

Another attack!

This Is London: “Father praises ‘bravery’ of fox-bite toddler”

Three-year-old Jake Jermy was attacked after disturbing a fox hiding beneath a temporary building while at a party at a playgroup in Brighton…

A friend said: “He’s doing ok, but he’s got bite marks and lacerations to his arm.” Jake’s mother Jacqui and father Sam, both 35, said they were relieved the animal had not scratched or bitten their son’s face.

The Mirror has a bit more news on the attack:

Pest control officers were trying to find and remove the animal after it lashed out at three-year-old Jake Jermy. He was bitten after grabbing the fox’s tail during a weekend party at the Dorothy Stringer playgroup in Brighton.

The Indy says the lad “stroked” the fox’s tail. The animal nipped him. And scratched him. Or as the Herald Sun puts it:

A THREE-year-old British boy was rushed to the hospital after he was mauled by a fox at a school playground. The terrified boy suffered cuts to his hands and feet when the animal savaged him after he tugged on its tail…


A spokeswoman for South East Coast Ambulance Service said: “We were called to the scene but were then stood down. This would imply that the injuries were not that bad.

Says Pauline Koupparis:

Pauline, 41, said of the latest attack: “Pro-fox people will say he provoked it. However, it worries me that the fox was able to get close enough to the child.”

Be afraid. Be very afraid!

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