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Kyron Horman: The Questionnaire, The Sightings And The Finger Pointing

by | 25th, June 2010

KYRON Horman: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at the missing Oregon boy in the news: the police questionnaire; Terri Hormon and sightings…

Opposing Views: “Police Hope Questionnaire Leads to Kyron Horman Clues”

Police have handed a questionnaire to parents.

The questionnaire contains several questions about the stepmother, Terri Horman, such as “Did your child see Kyron’s step-mom, Terri on 6/4/10, at or near the school?” and “Did your child see a white Ford F250 pickup truck (Horman’s vehicle) on 6/4/10 at or near the school?” The questionnaire also showed photos of Horman and the truck.

The media is gunning for Terri Horman. What other questions are in the document?

WW Week: Kyron Horman Update: Facebook Follower Claims Man in Photo Identified

Two days ago, we reported that an alert reader had found the image of a man in the background of a photo taken by the stepmom of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman. Investigators are seeking information from anyone who saw stepmom Terri Moulton Horman at the school that day, as the man in the photo very well may have.

Now, a commenter on a Facebook page devoted to the search for Kyron writes that the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office has identified the man in the photo as a parent at Skyline Elementary School. It’s unclear, however, whether he’s been interviewed. The sheriff’s office has declined to comment on the photo and whether they’ve used it as part of their investigation.

Others have seen Kyron Horman:

Edward Weber thought he saw Kyron 10 days later while eating lunch in Keizer, about 45 miles south of Portland. He took pictures of the boy he saw and the license plate number of the car that drove away from the restaurant…

Mary Jean Kelso of Fernley, Nev., saw a boy she thought might be Kyron at the small town’s Wal-Mart on June 13.

Can all tips be investigated?

Capt. Jason Gates said Wednesday that Kyron’s disappearance is the biggest investigation Multnomah County has ever handled and they’re working through the tips, but are focused on leads close-to-home and aren’t always calling back people with duplicate information.

“We have detectives going through each and every tip that goes in,” Gates said. “Quite frankly, some of those tips are worthless, but it’s a process of what are viable to follow up on and what aren’t.”

Can it be prevented – whatever it was?

Emmilie Caterham, a resident of Portland, Oregon has started an online petition to require that all schools in America have security cameras. Ms. Caterham will also soon set up a donation fund to help raise revenue to help pay for the security camera systems.

Here’s the police form parents responded to:

THESE FORMS ARE DIRECTED TO ANYONE (teachers, other school employees, delivery persons, parents, etc.) WHO WAS AT SKYLINE SCHOOL (either the buildings or grounds) AT ANY TIME BETWEEN 8 AM AND 4 PM ON JUNE 4, 2010. PARENTS OF CHILDREN WHO WERE PRESENT ON THE CAMPUS BETWEEN THESE HOURS, BUT WERE NOT THEMSELVES PRESENT, SHOULD FILL OUT THE PAGE FOR STUDENTS. ANYONE ELSE WHO WAS PRESENT SHOULD START AT THE BEGINNING. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING THE COMPLETION OF THIS FORM SEND AN EMAIL TO EVERYONE WHO WAS AT SKYLINE SCHOOL ON JUNE 4, 2010, DURING THE TIMES NOTED ABOVE IS BEING ASKED TO FILL OUT A FORM AND RETURN IT. PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM AND RETURN IT EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN INTERVIEWED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT. We are requesting that the form be returned on Sunday, June 20 between 9:00 am to 7:00 pm at Skyline School. There will be a uniform police officer in the school parking lot to receive it. It is not necessary to drop it off personally. If you are unable to deliver the form or have it delivered for you, you may e-mail your responses to YOUR COOPERATION IS ESSENTIAL AND IS APPRECIATED.



(Similar to the one driven by Terri Horman on 6/4/2010)


ADULT NAME:____________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS:_______________________________________________________________________ Home Phone:_________________ Cell Phone:_______________ Work Phone:_________________ E-Mail address(es) and / or additional contact info:________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Please answer these questions with as much specificity as possible. If more than one adult was present, each should fill out a copy of this page. 1. Why were you at Skyline School on 6/4/10?___________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. What time(s) did you arrive and leave?_______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. Did you arrive at the school with anyone else (if so, who)?________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 4. At any time did you see KYRON HORMAN? YES / NO (if no, please skip to #8)

5. What time(s) did you see KYRON HORMAN? _________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 6. Who was KYRON HORMAN with at the time (if anyone)?________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 7. Where did you see KYRON HORMAN?______________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 8. At any time did you see TERRI HORMAN at or near the school? YES / NO YES / NO

9. At any time did you see a White Ford F250 Truck at or near the school?

10. Is there any additional information about 6/4/10 that you believe is important for the police to know (examples—suspicious persons, vehicles, etc) and / or would you like further contact by a detective?______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

IF YOUR CHILD WAS AT SKYLINE SCHOOL BETWEEN 8AM AND 4PM ON JUNE 4, 2010, please fill out the questions below with your child. If more than one child was present at the school on June 4, please submit a separate page for each. 1. Child’s Name:_______________________________________________________________ 2. Did your child see KYRON on 6/4/10? YES / NO (if no, please skip to # 6)

3. Where did your child see KYRON?_______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 4. What time(s) did your child see KYRON?__________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 5. Who was KYRON with at that time (if anyone)?______________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 6. Did your child see KYRON’s step-mom, TERRI on 6/4/10, at or near the school? YES / NO

7. Did your child see a White Ford F250 Truck on 6/4/10 at or near the school? YES / NO

8. Is there any additional information regarding your child being at Skyline School on June 4 that is important for the police to know?_______________________________________________ ____________


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