Anorak News | 30 Years Jail For Lung Eater Nicolas Cocaign: Pictures

30 Years Jail For Lung Eater Nicolas Cocaign: Pictures

by | 25th, June 2010

NICOLAS Cocaign, the one who ripped out his cellmates lung with a razorblade and, thinking it was his heart, ate it (with onions) is jailed for 30 years. Thierry Baudry was murdered and parts of his offal fried.

Sky News calls him “France’s Hannibal Lecter”.

Lecter is the genius subject of the Silence of The Lambs book and film. Cocaigne is a men with biro-like tattoos on his face who can’t a tell a heart from a lung.

He is France’s Hannible Lecter in much the same way the common snail is France’s giant tortoise. But, then, Cocaign is real – all too real – and Lecter is a work of fiction. Other than that, the likeness is well observed.

(To our mind, he looks like Michael Gambon, the actor and Singing Detective.)

Says Cocaign, 37:

“I made several appeals for help, saying I was a man capable of being dangerous. I took action, and then they took me seriously…

“I had a sexual urge, an adrenaline rush. What I did, I liked doing.”

On another note, Britain’s pensions crisis is growing…


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