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Michael Jackson Pictures: The Weird, Creepy And Odd Photos

by | 25th, June 2010

BEFORE his death, Michael Jackson was the tabloids’ Wacko Jacko. Then he died. The papers eulogised him and realised what had gone. They also noticed that he had never been found guilty of any crime. No-one has proved that he molested a child. For now, the narrative has moved on and the story is that he was killed by evil forces. Wacko Jackson becomes Wacked Jack. Of course, Jackson did himself few favours with his Jesus Juice, child sleepover parties, pre-teen stunt doubles, veiled kids, Pixie voice and his face. And those pictures. Yikes! We now present gallery of his weirdest pictures:

Michael Jackson Pre-1980
Michael Jackson 1980-1990
Michael Jackson 1990 -1999


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Michael Jackson with Jordie Chandler. In 1993 Jackson made an out of court settlement with the parents of 12 year old Jordie Chandler, who alleged Jackson had abused him while he was staying at the singer's ranch. ©

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