Anorak News | England’s World Cup War: Superior German Dummerweise (Pictures)

England’s World Cup War: Superior German Dummerweise (Pictures)

by | 26th, June 2010

GERMANY V England at the World Cup – one day to go until the game and the papers are putting the war and fighting in context:

The Daily Mail leads with a picture of Coleen Rooney and news that we’re “counting on” her man. Counting on him to do what?

World Cup: England V Germany And The Media’s Bloodlust

Well, the Star leads with a picture of Coleen’s footballer, Wayne Rooney, wearing a tin hat and with his fists raised. This is “WAR” with the Germans and the Star seems to be encouraging Rooney to punch one of the Hun in the face.

But let’s be having no violenc:

Supt Richard James, who is leading the World Cup policing operation, said: “If you cheer your team on and behave yourself then you won’t hear from us. Certainly, if you become abusive and hostile and commit crimes or anti-social behaviour, then we will take strong action against you.”

England V Germany In Pictures: A History Of World Cup Rivals

But this is war. The papers and all that jingoism:

Telegraph: “England v Germany: Through the eyes of our children”

As England prepares to meet Germany, Thomas Kielinger says it’s time to lay the old stereotypes to rest.

Herr-Herr! Sorry. Hear-Hear!

Another newspaper topped this from its Mount Olymps [sic] of indignation. “HERR DRYER! – German legend Beckenbauer in new rant against ‘stupid’ England”.

England V Germany: Pub Talk Special (Pictures)


Stupid? Germany’s footballing legend said nothing of the sort…

He said something worse?

The problem arose from the Kaiser’s use of “dummerweise”, meaning “it’s a pity”. “Dummerweise” may sound like it means dumb or stupid, but it doesn’t. What the Kaiser actually wrote – “It’s a pity the English flunked a bit by coming up second in their group” – was lost in translation, served up to Brits as: “Stupidly, the English have slipped up a little.”

Come in, Brian Viner. Over:

For the record, Beckenbauer has asserted that the English under manager Fabio Capello play an unimaginative brand of kick-and-rush football. He has also reportedly accused our boys of being “tired and burnt-out”, and branded them “stupid” for failing to top their comparatively unchallenging World Cup group.

World Cup: Germany Face England And Her Media War Machine – News Round-Up

Russell Brand – change the record

“We have to win. We have no choice but victory – victory at all costs. Let’s get Churchillian, let’s get jingoistic, let’s invest our entire national psyche into these 11 men, who just 10 years ago were children.”

Say The Times:

England expects

Says the Star:

An England source said: “The game is going to be just short of war”


Toby Young in the Telegraph:

One thing that isn’t lacking in this England squad is competitive spirit. You’d think Germany’s will to win would be greater than ours, given that they lost the last war, but this team represents a new, multi-cultural German nation, one that isn’t preoccupied with 20th Century history. For them it’s about being able to express themselves on the pitch, playing open, free-flowing football. For us it’s about defeating the Hun.

Say the Germans:

“It’s high time to forget (World War II),” Germany coach Joachim Loew said. “This is year 2010, we are all in the EU and it’s highly inappropriate to raise this subject.”

Rian Milan in The Telegraph:

Britannia still rules the waves

As England prepares to take the field against the dreaded Boche tomorrow afternoon…

Derek McGovan has his orders:

Declare war on lazy German stereotypes

Let’s get some news imaginative ones:

While at the World Cup in Germany in 2006 I went to a Chinese-German restaurant. The food was great but half an hour later I was hungry for power.

San Francisco Gate:

Deja Vu – England Germany – World War II

Expect to see in print the march of perceived German faults, from their cold-hearted style of play, to their humorless defense, and should England prevail and the Germans look unhappy, the “sour-kraut” label sticks. It ain’t nice, folks. And when you add in a favorite song of the England fans aimed at German targets (Two World Wars and One World Cup – Do – Dah – Do – Dah to the tune of The Campdown Races) things can hardly be described as happy days in Europa.

England V Germany In Pictures: A History Of World Cup Rivals

The Guardian:

Unthinkable? Burying the hatchet

The more plausible explanation for the tabloid xenophobia is the one that is often behind hostility – an inferiority complex. Most Germans are entirely relaxed about England games, reserving serious rivalry for matches with the Netherlands. Perhaps this is the real problem: not that Germans think ill of us, but that they do not think about us at all.

All that history in pictures:

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