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Germany V England: A News Blitz For World Cup Roar

by | 27th, June 2010

GERMANY V England at the World Cup and the paper talk is of total war. It’s VSA Day:

Sunday Mirror: We’ll Make ROO Sorry”

Germans trash out boys in vicious verbal blitz…

News of The World (front page): It is…


Sunday Telegraph: “No Kaiser, we’re ready this time”

Daily Star (front page): We’ll stuff the Germans”

Sunday People (front page): “CURSE WE CAN”

A witch doctor has cursed “The OLD ENEMY”

John O’Farrell:

We dearly want to beat the Germans today because deep down we have never come to terms with the fact that despite the efforts of Winston Churchill and the inmates of Stalag Luft III, Germany still became the economic masters of Europe who regularly beat us on and off the football pitch. Deutschmark versus sterling was a comfortable home win. VW Beetle versus Morris Minor; the plucky Brits didn’t even take it to extra time. What are we left to comfort ourselves with?

Well, unlike Germany, we do have a nuclear capability…

Let’s bomb Berlin! Crank up the Ten German Bombers!

* His Excellency Ambassador Georg Boomgaarden said: “It is okay to mention the war. I don’t care too much about that and I don’t think other people care any more either.

“The fans are making a reference to historical events. It’s a form of folklore. They are not going to take up arms…

“Britain’s victory against the Nazis liberated us too; that is forgotten sometimes.”
Although it didn’t liberate all the Germans, obviously. Lots had already been murdered and many were on the losing team…

The black shirts are back, says the Daily Star.

Shssss! Loose lips… One German football blog orders:

So the big game has arrived at last. And for God’s sake, don’t mention the war!

The Sunday Express sees the game on par with Dunkirk. It is the “Battle of Bloemfontein”.

JOYOUS England fans last night celebrated their first victory over Germany as their army of supporters outgunned the opposition two to one.

Charge! Surcharge!!!

And the Germans just don’t really care – unless they’re pretending? As Tim Rich says:

As he gave a press conference before the 1966 World Cup final, the West Germany manager, Helmut Schön, was asked if he was an Erwin Rommel to Alf Ramsey’s Bernard Montgomery. Schön, who was 30 when the war ended, was nonplussed. Even if Montgomery quite liked football and had sent fan mail to Tom Finney, who had served under him in the Eighth Army, it was still only a game.

Well, it’s only a game if you win…

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