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Plymouth Woman Attacks Man With Lawnmower

by | 27th, June 2010

VERY British Crime No. 3215: the woman jailed for throwing lawn mower at her neighbour.

Gloria Christie, aged 42, of Keyham, Plymouth, Devon, has been convicted of affray and having an offensive weapon when Robert Webb pops next door to complain that Christie’s music is keeping his baby awake.

Christie declines to reduce the volume. Webb reaches into her home and unplugs Christie’s stereo.

Judge Ian Leeming says Christie then shouted at Webb and “threatened him with a piece of furniture outside in the street”.

She then threw a lawnmower at Mr Webb. Mr Webb is 6ft 7in tall and weight 20-stone.
Judge Leeming goes on:

You went inside the house and came out with two large kitchen knives and made to attack Mr Webb. You acted in a most peculiar fashion, banging on the ground in what one witness described as a ritual fashion, and you then brandished the knives very close to Mr Webb on a number of occasions. This was very alarming to him and to a number of witnesses who had come out into the street and were watching.”

The mower was not plugged in…

Note: Leylandii makes a good screen between neighbours.

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