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Derrick Bird’s Last Pervy Night Out: In Pictures

by | 28th, June 2010

DERRICK Bird demurred 12 people and maimed more. The Sun has pictures of Bird drinking at Captain Senny’s in Whitehaven, Cumbria.

The Sun says Bird “ogles a girl”. And this is Bird the man who was “dumped by a Thai prostitute he lusted after”.

The impression is that Bird did it because he was a pervert who couldn’t pull. Sun Page 3 fans living alone might well worry.

And it was the club that tripped him over the edge. An onlooker is on hand to look at the CCTV still and tell us:

It just goes to show how alone he was in those last few days. There is nothing sadder than a middle-aged man drinking on his own in a busy club as loads of young people have a good time around him.”

Nothing? What about 12 murdered people and their relatives?
And then:

The witness shuddered to add: “This was his last proper night out.”

Call that a proper night out? Any self-respecting clubber would shudder…


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Whitehaven taxi driver Don Reed who was shot and injured by Derrick Bird who went on a shooting rampage in Cumbria, killing 12 people.

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