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Woof Woof Is Meow Meow And Other Fishy Killer Drugs

by | 28th, June 2010

MEOW Meow, aka mephedrone, is banned. But there is a new killer legal high and it’s called… No, not alcohol. No, this one is called woof woof, or MDAI for short.

You may recall that Meow Meow, though toxic (as labelled), has not killed anyone. Yes, people have died who have taken it, but they did not take it in isolation. And there is, as yet, no proof that the drug hastened their deaths.

So. Here’s woof woof and, as the Sun says, it “is set to flood the streets of Britain”. Anyone unable to afford proper drugs – the illegal ones that have been well researched, or get off thei face on hooch and prescription medicines – can buy cheap legal highs.

Yes, readers, the shock new is that immortal yoof wants to get stoned.

One website markets it as “bubble bath” and sells it for £20 a gram. It has also been claimed it is four times stronger than its deadly predecessor.

Because teens, students and youngsters who make up the greater market for such stuff routinely spend £20 on bubble bath? And lest you think this is all nonsense and just another scare story, the Sun says:

Meow meow – sold as plant food – was thought to have been responsible for the deaths of up to 26 teenagers chasing legal highs at parties.

Thought. Such are the facts about something so vital:

It led to a successful Sun-backed campaign calling on the Government to ban it.”

Meow meow was classified as a Class B drug in April. But it is feared woof woof could be as deadly, prompting calls for it to be made illegal, too.

Feared. Want more facts?

A website for Cambotanics (look it up, kidz), based in Cambridge, is flogging woof woof:

Its website states: “Please note that the chemicals sold here are NOT for human consumption.”

Underhand stuff, readers.

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