Anorak News | Video Of Al Gore’s Alleged Code Pink Sexual Assault On A Masseuse

Video Of Al Gore’s Alleged Code Pink Sexual Assault On A Masseuse

by | 29th, June 2010

IT is alleged that Al Gore, leader the Al Goreans, champion of climate change, owner-driver the Peoples’ Ark, sexually assaulted a masseuse in Oregon in 2006. It is alleged he hired her under the alias “Mr Stone”.  Hold on to your charkas and go to Code Pink. The video is coming:

It was “as though he had very suddenly switched personalities,” she recalled, “and began in a pleading tone, pleading for release of his second chakra there.”

More than two chakras is a w***…

The accuser said Gore maneuvered her into the bedroom. His iPod docking station was there, he told her, and he wanted her to listen to “Dear Mr. President,” a lachrymose attack on George W. Bush by the singer Pink.

The masseuse told a pal. The pal told her “to just suck it up; otherwise, the world’s going to be destroyed from global warming.” That is how powerful Al Gore is. Release the chakras before we all die!

Listen to her claim: Portland Police Bureau tape, graphic content

Says the accuser:

“I was shocked and I did not massage beyond what is considered a safe, nonsexual area of the abdomen. He further insisted and acted angry, becoming verbally sharp and loud. I went into much deeper shock as I realized it appeared he was demanding sexual favors or sexual behaviors.”

And: Portland Police Bureau tape, graphic content

Attorney Wendy Murphy debates the sexual assault claims against Al Gore:

I asked a bunch of women in my community how they felt about the Al Gore news, and they said perplexing victim-blaming things such as “She was in her 50s. Doesn’t he know menopausal women aren’t horny?” And, “How did she not know that a request for a three-hour massage at 10:30 p.m. is code for ‘the guy wants a hooker?” A couple of women cracked jokes: “After she rejected him, did he Tip-per?”

The greenest of the green people I talked to felt betrayed. Gore was their leader and the movement is now, um, stained. The woman even said, according to the transcript of her interview with Portland, Ore., police made public on the Internet, that her “Birkenstock Tribe” friends told her to “suck it up” and not tell anyone or the “world’s going to be destroyed from global warming” …

The most interesting issue for me, however, is the way nobody seems to be calling woman a liar … I believe her account.

Spotter: Tim Blair; Instapundit

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