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Michael Jackson’s Missing Body – Pictures

by | 29th, June 2010

MICHAEL Jackson’s body is “MISSING”. And there are pictures of the missing body?

Missing from his face?

Michael Jackson 1980-1990

No, The National Enquirer says:


Did he rise again?

We learn of the “shocking truth” – but not what the “shocking truth is” because someone is “hiding the truth”.

Jackson is buried “elsewhere”. Where? The Jackson family says he is buried where they said he is buried: Forest Lawn’s Great Mausoleum. (Funeral pics.)

Michael Jackson 1990 -1999

So. What’s the truth? Is Jackson with his body? Is Jackson’s body and its many parts buried in sacred places across the globe? Is Jackson in the last place you’d look – tied to Terry Waiter’s radiator? While we ponder that, here’s Jackson when he was united:

Michael Jackson Pre-1980


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PA PHOTOS/DPA - UK USE ONLY : US pop star Michael Jackson is holding his youngest son Prince Michael II with just one arm over the balustrade of the window of the president's suite on the fifth floor of Hotel Adlon, Berlin, 19 November 2002. This scene caused a lot of excitement. About 200 fans cheering outside were terrified, the incident was reported worldwide, and child welfare experts criticized Jackson harshly for dangling the baby from a balcony. The musician regrets this by writing that he made a 'terrible mistake' as he was overwhelmed emotionally by his supporters. Jackson and his three children are staying at the president's suite. On Thursday, 21 November, Jackson, 44, will receive the 'Bambi' entertainment award for his lifetime achievements.

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