Anorak News | Larry King Goes And His CNN Staff Sink With The Ship?

Larry King Goes And His CNN Staff Sink With The Ship?

by | 1st, July 2010

THIS week’s gone from bad to worse for staffers at CNN’s Larry King Live, writes Anorak’s Man in LA.

Less than 24 hours after the shocking news that their on-air leader would soon retire from the nightly grind, they were rounded up by telephone for a conference call with CNN-US president Jon Klein.

We expected a pep talk,” one person who listened in on the Wednesday call tells Our Man. “What we actually got was a clear message that if we’re under contract, we’re expected be here until Larry says his last goodbye.

But Klein refused to make any guarantees about keeping the contracted staffers on the network’s payroll after King’s November swansong.

Their resumes will be put “at the top of the pile” for whatever show replaces Kings, Klein told the anxious employees. When questioned further, Klein curtly refused to say that LKL staffers would get any sort of preferential treatment.

Klein did, however, encourage the King crew to end the show’s run with a their best hours ever.  That way, he said, they’ll look good to the incoming show bosses, and might — might – end up being kept on at the network.

King has already inked a new deal with CNN, which has him hosting at least four one-hour specials each year for the next two years.  His current executive producer will stay on to honcho those specials, but at a substantial pay-cut.  No other staff member’s future at the network is guaranteed.

Image: 14 – who writes (give her the money):

When that empty-headed, knuckle-dragging Little League coach came forward to boast about having an affair with Larry King’s wife in Larry King’s bedroom while watching the Larry King show, an unfortunate image emblazoned itself in my tender innocent brain. I was reminded of how I felt when I used to sneak peaks at the cartoons in my Dad’s hidden Playboy stash.  Feeling slightly shocked and confused upon first viewing, I would later erupt into uncontrolled giggles and then quickly shove the magazines back into his sock drawer before being caught.

I saw Hector Penate humping Shawn Southwick, her giant mouth unhinged in screams of pleasure, their writhing bodies illuminated in the cold glare of Larry’s giant head looming over them on the big screen TV. As they tossed each other around on Larry’s satin sheet-bedecked adjustable bed, they were careful not to knock over the glass containing Larry’s floating dentures perched on his crowded pharmaceutical nightstand. Hector was so sexually charged by the warthog-like glowing visage of Larry’s scowling mug that he bursts into o-face like a wolf howling at the moon. Larry’s monogrammed velvet slippers sit neatly beside the bed, unaware of the carnal sin and forbidden pleasure ensuing above.

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