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Anna Chapman, Aka Anna Kushchenko’s White House Lover: Pictures

by | 2nd, July 2010

ANNA Chapman, aka Anna Kuschchenko, is the red-haired alleged spy who shagged Charlie Hutchinson while she was married to Alex Chapman.

Says Hutchinson, who helpfully, talks to the tabloids in puns:

“She was red hot.”

It’s not only Anna who does the jokes. But it wasn’t just wit that score with Anna and Charlie. It was sex.

Anna Chapman: Anna Kuschenko, Spies, Pictures, Video And Nuclear

Says the 31-year-old:

“While we had sex she was talking and moaning in Russian. It lasted for 2½ hours and was so sexy. She was incredible.”

Charlie might be pretty good at Russian with such 1-on-1, 1-under-1 and 1-stooped-over-1 tuition, but we are not told if her picked up the language. Had he, we might learn what Anna said in her private moments. What did she learn living in US suburbia and, allegedly, pass to her Russian handlers?

There’s a sale on at GAP? Dr Mishta hands out prescriptions for Prozac without too many questions? Little League training has been cancelled?

Hutchinson met Anna in Southampton, in the – get this, conspirators – White House pub. Says Charlie, a student in the town at that time:

“Both of us were drunk. When we got into my room she began doing a striptease while I sat on the bed. She has a stunning figure – and had no underwear on. She really knew what she was doing…

“She was wild in bed – a 14 out of ten. She knows positions I had never imagined.”

Then she dumped him. And the Sun condemns the woman is only accused of spying:

“When I saw her picture in The Sun I could not believe my eyes. Who would ever think they would bed a Russian spy?” He had no idea the Russian diplomat’s daughter – real name Anna Kuschenko – was leading a double life.

Allegedly. Anna Kushchenko has been found guilty of no crime. All we know is that she has been accused. She gave her shagging 140%. She was married to a British man. And she had five mobile phones:

“On our first night she got a text message and went to check it. She pulled out five mobiles and didn’t know what phone it was sent to.”

Well, so they say. The problem with dealing with alleged spies is knowing what to believe and what you are being fed.

Still, we can agree on one thing: Anna Chapman is as fit as any mid-ranking Russian tennis player and convicted or not, if she’s as smart as they say she is she’ll make a killing by selling her illustrated story…


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