Anorak News | Jesse Jackson’s Hymies, Mel Gibson’s ‘Niggers’ And Glass Houses

Jesse Jackson’s Hymies, Mel Gibson’s ‘Niggers’ And Glass Houses

by | 2nd, July 2010

THAT glass house Jesse Jackson lives in should be showing some cracks about now, writes Anorak’s Man in LA on the Mel Gibson Racist Rant Sequel.

Jackson released a written statement to Radar Online Thursday about Gibson’s recent and previous rants.

His penchants for anti-Semitic and racist diatribes reveal the actor’s fundamental character flaw,” wrote Jackson.  “He needs help.”

Hi, Pot. Our Man in LA would like introduce Mr. Kettle.  You two have more in common than you realize.

It wasn’t that long ago — during one of Jackson’s unsuccessful bids for the Democratic presidential nomination — that the right reverend referred to New York City as “Hymie town”.  Not exactly something anyone who’s Jewish would consider a compliment.

A couple of blown elections and at least one illegitimate child later, Jackson’s apparently back on the straight & narrow to such an extent that he feels compelled to pass judgment on Gibson.

Don’t get us wrong.  We agree that Gibson’s racist rant to his ex girlfriend should be a career killer, and Jesse Jackson has a right to be pissed about that.  But for Jackson to bring up the movie star’s anti-Semitic remarks from five years back is a bit hypocritical. – RR

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