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Kate Price Wedding Pictures: The Fight, The Gash And The Media

by | 4th, July 2010

WANT to go “INSIDE” Katie Price’s wedding to walking toffee Crisp Alex Reid? Want to see inside what the Star called the “WEDDING FROM HELL”?

Want to see what the News of The World calls “JORDAN’S WEDDING PUNCH UP”?

It;’ front-page news. And to the wedding we go.

Katie Price arrives at St Paul’s Church in Woldingham, Surrey, in the back of what the Mirror calls an “A-Team van”, but what to web user looks like the Bang Bus.

The gentlemen of the press are not welcome, says the news. Katie has flogged her wedding pics and video to a TV channel for £600,000. This wedding must be conducted in the upmost secrecy. So here’s Katie in a big black and red van with blacked out windows arriving at a country church.

That’s not her wedding dress train burqa being held up to keep her from being seen – it’s a sheet.

Says the Star:

Things started badly when she failed to land a last-minute £200,000 deal to sell pictures of the big day, a formal blessing of her February marriage.

In the church, a bouncer stands at the altar. No, it’s not Alex Reid. This one is talking. He reads out a list of names.

“These people must go to the back of the church and then leave immediately. Katie doesn’t trust you.”

The Mirror watches three people depart. The Star sees two. The ejected guests’ crime is to have, allegedly, leaked details of the do to the media.

And then outside a brawl breaks out:

One photographer was pushed through the sheets and thrown face-first into a flower bed before being hauled to his feet and pinned by the throat to the wall of the church.

He had part of his camera broken and said several times: “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.” Another was kicked to the ground and several journalists were left bleeding in the scrum.”

The People hears sirens:

WELL-WISHERS were knocked to the ground and left terrified during the battle. PHOTOGRAPHERS were grabbed in headlocks, hurled to the ground and pinned against the church wall, with one suffering a gashed face.
The bride was hit herself and was so scared she dived back in her vehicle.

And what would have been a 15-minue blessing between a middle-aged mum of three and [enter name here] is turned into front-page news. As Katie said:

“We’re not going to have a wedding planner, we’re literally going to do it ourselves.”

Job done. If you want to get lots of coverage in the media, make the media part of the story. Katie Price knows…


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Scuffles break out between photographers and security staff during the arrival of Katie Price and Alex Reid for their blessing ceremony at St Paul's Church, Woldingham, Surrey.

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