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Kyron Horman: The Persecution Of Terri Moulton Horman

by | 6th, July 2010

KYRON Horman: Anorak’s round-up of the missing seven-year-old Portland, Oregon, boy in the news: the child is missing and all the media does it watch Terri Moulton Horman, the last person known to have seen Kyron – she’s the boy’s step-mother. And the police have met her before.

Kyron Horman: Pictures, Step-Mother, Facebook And Timeline

The latest allegation is that, seven months before the boys went missing, Terri Horman approached a landscape gardener to murder her husband Kaine Horman, Kyron’s father. Why would she do that?

* Terri Horman said she was in a bad marriage and claimed that her husband had “hurt” her, according to the sources.

No evidence has been presented that Kaine Horman hurt Terri Horman. There is no evidence that anyone hurt Kyron Horman, including the uncle. But the police told Kaine about the alleged plot to have him whacked. Soon after, he left Terri Horman, taking with him the couple’s young daughter. He secured a restraining order against her. He has now filed for divorce. Armchair detectives get to play along.

The police seem to be aiding the whispering campaign against Terri Horman. They have no evidence and no leads. All they have is the family.

Sheriff Dan Staton talks to the media about Terri Horman:

“To date there has been no indication that she has been unco-operative. She has been co-operative throughout this entire process.”

Why answer questions speculating on Terri Horman? Why couch a fact with “no indication”? Has she been co-operative or not. Yes? Or no?

The police have no suspects. That is all Staton needs to say. But he doesn’t. Instead, Staton wants to look like the police are making progress. He talks specifically about Terri Horman, who has not been arrested and is not a named “person of interest”.

Kyron Horman: Media Guns For Terri Horman

Kyron’s biological mother Desiree Young tells a news conference:

We implore Terri Horman to fully co-operate with the investigators to bring Kyron home.”

Kyron’s family is using the media and cranking up the pressure on Terri Horman. Says one media source:

Kyron’s mother implies his stepmother knows more than she’s telling.

A child is missing. It’s a sensitive time. Police handle these things with care. And here’s the mother singling out Terri Horman. The feeling is that police are using the media to apply pressure on Terri Horman.

Says Dan Staton:

“We have no evidence that indicates anything other than the fact that Kyron is still alive and we are going to continue the investigation under that premise.”

They have no evidence full stop. But still the police target Terri Horman. Says Staton of Horman’s decision to hire a lawyer:

“What that does is, I cannot just come up now and directly talk to you. You have hired somebody that directly represents your interests. It’s no longer just you and I in the course of a conversation.”

He is addressing her via the media. But if she is arrested, Staton can ask Terri Horman questions directly, so long as they are within the bounds of legal protocol. Whether or not she answers them is up to her. But he has not arrested her.

The hunt for Kyron Horman goes on…


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