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Raoul Moat: A Confession, A Letter And A Facebook Hitlist

by | 6th, July 2010

RAOUL Moat is on the run. Moat has killed Chris Brown. He has shot Samantha Stobbart, mother of his daughter Chanel. He has shot PC David Rathband. All alleged.

One thing we know about Moat is that he likes to write.

In our round-up we see the 49-page handwritten letter he wants police to read and his Facebook chats. (The Mirror see says 42-pages.)

The Victims:

Last Wednesday, Moat, 37, phoned Miss Stobbart from Durham prison, having served half of a 18-week sentence for hitting his 9-year-old daughter. He told her he would be released the next day. He told her he would be coming to see her. She had told him she was dating a policeman, a lie she thought would get him to stay away.

The News Round-Up:

Moat calls to see his pal Andy Mcallister. He tells him what went on by Stobbart’s home in Scafell, Tyne and Wear:

He said he’d been listening at the window to Sam and her lover for nearly an hour and a half as they talked about him. He said he had been getting angrier and angrier. Suddenly he could take no more. He told me he just wanted to scar Sam so she would never be able to wear a bikini again. Mr Brown ran out and he shot him in the back, then stood over him and shot him in the head. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.”

He goes on:

“I told him he should hand himself in. I even said I’d go with him to police. But he said, ‘No I’ve got nothing left Andy – and I fully intend to take as many police as I can with me.’

Moat left. He later returned with a long letter. It was only then that Mcallister called the police, by which point the policeman had also been shot.

Where Is Moat?

Moat is not thought to have gone far. Last night a man robbed the takings of a fish ‘n’ chip shop at gunpoint. He was in Blyth Street/Prospect Avenue. It’s about 10 miles north of Newcastle city centre.

Police are searching for a black Lexus IS200 SE saloon registration number of the car is V322 HKX. The car had full body kit and alloy wheels.

He Might Be Dangerous

And if you do see Moat, do not approach him. The Mirror says:

Heavy steroid users like Raoul Moat have a tendency to explode in violent rages, according to medical research.

So steroids made him do it. Another expert tells Mirror readers:

Heavy steroid users like Raoul Moat have a tendency to explode in violent rages, according to medical research.

Back To The Letter


Says Moat:


Keep killing? No cops have been killed yet by Raoul Moat. But the Sun does lead with a picture of PC David Rathband’s bloodied face. Is this picture meant to encourage Moat?

If it bleeds it leads. So goes the newspaper mantra. The same picture of Rathband’s face on the Mirror. Grim stuff. But the policeman wants people to see his face. Says the Daily Record:

It shows the chilling extent of the bodybuilder’s bloodlust – and the desperate need for him to be caught.

Says Moat in the letter:

“Last night I declared war on Northumbria Police. They took it all from me… kids, freedom, house… obviously I have issues, but I was pushed.

“I am very sorry about Sam, and wish I hadn’t shot at her… I never cheated on her, I wish she hadn’t on me. She pulled the trigger by doing so just as much as me.”

Does he sound deranged?

“It’s like The Hulk, it takes over and it’s more than anger and it happens only when I’m hurt, and this time I was really hurt…

“I’ve slept 1 hour per night for three weeks now and am chomping my jaw like I’m on exstacy (sic). I thought it was the medication, but I’ve been off since I came out. It feels like I’m watching a film, not real at all.”

It is real. And Moat is making threats:

“I’m a killer and a maniac but I ain’t no coward. I was terrified of losing Sam, as I knew I’d lose the plot and that, and not wanted to do so stopped me from ever beating her and anyone saying otherwise can go on a lie detector. Now I’ve realised Sam is really hurt I am gutted. I never meant that….”

He then threatens the medical staff treating Sam Stobbart:

“Those doctors better save her or I’ll hit that hospital. I still love her despite everything but my head is a mess right now and I know I’m too far gone to make much sense of it. I guess I’ve finally lost it. I’m not on the run, I will keep killing police until I am dead. They’ve hunted me for years, now it’s my turn. I am very sorry about Sam and wish I hadn’t shot at her. Just make sure she stays alive.”

Want to flush out Moat? Tell him what hspital Stobbart is in. He’ll come. In any case. Loving Moat wants everyone to know it’s her fault, too:

“I never cheated on her, I wish she hadn’t on me. She pulled the trigger by doing so just as much as me.”

What did she do?

The Police Fail

The police were told by prison staff that Moat was dangerous and  intensed to attack Stobbart. they did nothing to protect her.


Let’s got back to the Facebook chat Moat had before he began shooting:

Friday 11.21am Just got out the slammer to a totally fucked life.
11.32am Lost my business. Kids to s services. Gonna lose my home and lost my mrs of nearly 6 years to a copper. Like they havent fucked my life enough over the years.
11.37am Well she aint the lassy I thought she was. Cant win the kids, as police have fucked me over there too.
11.44am Mate this ones a hard knock. Its that whole rebuilding life from scratch thing. Iaint 21 anymore.
11.54am Fucking strange how someone youve spent so long and treasured can turn on you like a pitbull. If Id fucked of with someone else id feel pretty shitty and definately twist the knife etc this ones a double hard knock.
12.22pm yea when its over its all a pile of chaos. How did a guy who had it all end up in this situation.
12.30pm Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so if a lass can really love you and treat you right, then they can also swing the complete oppposite way eventually.

The Mail says Moat has compiled a hitlist on his Facebook page. He will “execute” the family of his ex-lover Samantha Stobbart. He will kill any and all police.

The search goes on…


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