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Four Paedophiles Attack Children In Stockport

by | 6th, July 2010

PAEDO panic in Stockport, where police are investigating a spate of child abduction bids. In the past nine days there have been, reportedly, four attempts to snatch children.

Police have fielded 23 calls from concerned parents since the first incident was reported less than a fortnight ago.

Chief Inspector Steve Dix addresses the issue, using the language of the prison in relation to children:

“As a parent I fully understand the concern that residents are feeling following the reported incidents, however I now want to appeal for calm.”

As parent… Because parents don’t molest children. And because, as a policeman, unless you are a parent you could not hope to understand a person’s fear that a stranger will molest their child.

He goes on:

“Every call that has come into us has been thoroughly and robustly investigated and I want to reassure residents there is nothing whatsoever to link any of the incidents. We have spoken to schools and neighbourhood policing teams and have made appeals through the media.

“This has clearly heightened people’s concerns but I would urge them to let their children out to play in exactly the same way they would have done a fortnight or so ago.”

Don’t panic – because four men have tied to abduct four different children?

“People at the moment think there is a predatory individual on the loose in Stockport, we are certain that is not the case.”

No. There are four predators on the loose. Still. Don’t panic!

“There is no reason for parents to impose lock down…”

Lock down? To your cells, kids.

“…we would encourage them not to panic. There is a significant number of events being reported to us where normally people wouldn’t bat an eye lid but are now starting to perceive as a potential threat.”

Events that have all been logged and checked out? Events like:

“Most of the remaining calls were to report men acting suspiciously – such as driving slowly down streets where children were playing.”

Put your foot down, men, lest you look like a pervert. Sure the kids might be run down, but anything’s better than being a nonce.

Here’s an insight into one of the initial incidences:

Pupils at Romiley Primary School were given a letter to take home after the first incident on Saturday, June 26, when a seven-year-old girl was grabbed from behind by a man as she walked along Springwood Crescent on the Cherry Tree estate.

He turned her towards a parked van and asked her if she wanted to see some puppies but she managed to run off.


Two days later a man in a silver BMW grabbed an eight-year-old boy at Brinnington health centre and asked him whether he wanted to buy a Nintendo DS. The boy broke free and rode off.

Nintendo? Better than a puppy, admittedly.

Two days after that, on Wednesday, June 30, a man approached a 10-year-old girl on Wesley Street, Hazel Grove and asked her whether she wanted to see some puppies.

Again with the puppies.

Then on Thursday, July 1, a man approached a seven-year-old boy on Coleridge Road, Reddish, and asked if he wanted some sweets.

Sweets? A mile-long trail of Smarties to lure the kiddies with.

Still. Don’t panic. The police haven’t caught anyone or witnessed any attack. Carry on as you were…

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