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Victoria Beckham And Cheryl Cole At Death’s Door?

by | 7th, July 2010

VICTORIA Beckham is “on the brink”, says the Star on its front page. Also, Cheryl Cole has the “killer” form of malaria.

Yes, readers, the celebrity cull is on. England’s World Cup footballers are dead and their WAGS are set to follow them.

Anyhow, here’s the news on “FRAIL” Posh being on the “brink”, as the Star says.

“Split rumours push Posh near to collapse”

Or as the Mail says:

The former pop star looked bleary-eyed and very tired as she slumped over in a lift at Nice airport in France this morning.

As she prepared to board a flight back to the UK, it was revealed that her fatigue was no so much to do with her hectic lifestyle as a mother-of-three and an in-demand fashion designer, but the effects of a weekend of partying.

So. Sticky Vicky Beckham might pull through. But the talk if so Cheryl’s funeral:

Edward Grimes, one half of Jedward, who tore his knee ligaments while performing on stage at T4 on the Beach at the weekend, says of Chezza:

“I’m like Cheryl’s twin because I hurt myself. She hurt herself. Two great people hurting themselves… It’s going to be a big funeral.”

To remember in our underwears…


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