Anorak News | Lindsay Lohan In Remake Of Caged Heat – Paris Hilton Directs

Lindsay Lohan In Remake Of Caged Heat – Paris Hilton Directs

by | 7th, July 2010

AND so it that the second of Hollywood’s Three Disgraces, Lindsay Lohan, follows Paris Hilton’s feet into prison.

In 2010, Lohan says “FUCK U“. In 2007, Hilton said it was “cruel and unfair” that’s she should be sent to jail. As 14 says, the Jail Bird is very lucky she didn’t kill someone when she drunkenly swerved her Mercedes into the In-n-Out Burger drive thru late one night.That would be “cruel and unfair”.

In jail, Hilton faced being played with by “very masculine lesbians” unable to give her a pedicure.

Back then, The Sun, told us that female inmates at the Century Regional Detention Facility numbered “violent robbers, hookers, junkies and a mob of butch lesbians who control by force“.

It was thrilling stuff. And now Lohan wants it. “FUCK U,” runs the legend on her middle finger as she sits in court. Get me to the butch lesbians already. No, not that streak of water Samantha Ronson. Give me someone huge in fists.

14 again tells us that the Sun perhaps I’ve watched too many cheesy women’s prison films, but wouldn’t it be great for Lohan’s “career” if she starred in a remake of Caged Heat or The Big Bird Cage?

Lohan weeps in court for her career. But this is the chance she’s been wating for. It’s Freaky Friday 2, in which talented Lohan enters the body of brattish former child star with a sense of entitlement.

Look out for Lohan emerging from jail with a rejuvenated fire crotch, empathy for her ex-jailbird father and a few tips for Britney Spears on how to keep a career alive and the boys interested…..


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