Anorak News | Law Student Attacks Shopkeeper Who Sold him Too Small Condoms

Law Student Attacks Shopkeeper Who Sold him Too Small Condoms

by | 7th, July 2010

JUDE Ukachukwu, 21, tells St Albans Crown Court that his penis was too big for the condoms shopkeeper Sasisedaran Sellathurai sold him. Two of them split as the law student was shagging his lover. And he wanted restitution.

Ukachukwu heads to Sella Supermarket in Parkhouse Court, Hatfield, on August 8 last year. He wants this money back. But he has no receipt. He has no packaging. And he has used the goods.

Penises: The World’s Biggest (NSFW)

Ukachukwu is advised to contact the manufacturers or Trading Standards. Jude feels that he is not being “taken seriously”. To emphasise his point he picks up a pack of fizzy soft drinks of equivalent value to the condoms and makes to leave the shop.

Mr Sellathurai disagrees. The men tussle. Mr Sellathurai is punched in the face, causing a wound that needs several stitches.

Jonah Falcon (Very NSFW)

In court, Ukachukwu, of Harpsfield Broadway, Comet Way, Hatfield, is found guilty of ABH. Ukachukwu is “full of remorse”. He hopes to “progress in the legal profession”.

He will experience the law as he performs 150 hours’ unpaid work and ordered to pay costs of £480.

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