Anorak News | Belgium Plans To Turn Dead Bodies Into Bottled Water

Belgium Plans To Turn Dead Bodies Into Bottled Water

by | 8th, July 2010

IN Belgium, undertakers are looking for fitting way to make the passing of a life. Having circled life’s plughole in Belgium their entire lifetime, the Flemish Association of Undertakers, suggest dissolving local bodies in caustic solutions and flushing them down the toilet.

It’s what they would have wanted. Says a spokesman fro the FAOU:

“The idea is for the deceased to be placed in a container with water and salts and then pressurised and after a little time, about two hours, mineral ash and liquid is left over.”

It is thought that if the sludge enjoyed a calcium-rich diet in life, the process will do wonders for the bottled water industries.

Remains can be placed in the fridge and enjoyed with chips, muscles and bars of chocolate…

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