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Kyron Horman: Police Blackmail Plot And Looking After Their Own

by | 8th, July 2010

KYRON Horman: The police tried to entrap Terri Horman by asking the landscape gardener to demand $10,000 for his silence. The gardener claims Terri Horman had approached him to kill her husband Kaine Horman.

It gets better. Cue the music:

Undercover agents were nearby. But the plan backfired when Horman called police to report an emergency… telling the dispatcher a man at her door wanted $10,000.

Because blackmail is a crime.

KATU cited sources as saying that was the second call of the day. The first came minutes earlier to report that someone in a truck was threatening her.

Top work, detectives.

Responding officers found themselves face to face with the undercover agents and Horman was not taken into custody.

Was the gardener arrested for harassment?

Kyron Horman disappeared June 4. The search for him has become a criminal investigation. What crime has been committed? The police cannot say for certain. Who are they investigating? The police have no official suspects. No arrests have been made. They have no evidence of anyone’s involvement in Kyron Horman’s vanishing.

But the police will keep on mentioning Terri Horman’s name and singling her out.

A reader writes:

I noticed most of my reply to your article was repeated in the statements given to Medford OR Mail Tribune writer Chris Conrad by Desiree and Det Tony Young this morning. I’d like to share some of that with you.

“The Youngs called the press conference to reiterate their pleas for Kyron’s stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, to fully cooperate with Portland-area police and FBI officials.

She has not contacted investigators to give a statement that could help bring Kyron home,” Tony Young said.

The Youngs declined to answer questions as to why they suspect Terri Horman might have information she is not sharing with police.”

In other news:

Desiree Young is living a nightmare. Her child, 7-year-old Kyron Horman, is missing. But she’s not going through the pain alone.


She carries a small piece of comfort with her everyday, and she wears it around her neck. “This is a police shield we got when Kyron went missing, it talks about strength and courage and I wear it everyday,” she said.

She wear a police badge. She is on the side of the police. And the police are on her side. Desiree Young is married to Tony Young, an officer for Medford police.

A fellow Medford Police Department officer drove to Portland when the search started around June 4th to give the family the shield. Desiree says she hasn’t taken it off since.

Why did he give the police amulet to her and not to Terri Horman also?

Lt. Bob Hansen says Desiree is part of the “family of blue,” the Medford Police Department, her hometown police force and her husband’s brotherhood. “That’s a little bit of a connection that person needs, somebody else comes about and is thinking about them and that momento hits a cord or special note with them and that’s what its there for,” says Lt. Hansen.

Good that the police have an open mind on what could have happened to her son.

Kyron’s stepfather, Det. Tony Young said, “they have bent over backwards not only to assist us like a family but too anything reguarding this case for us.” A “family of blue,” who’s also missing a son.

So. The police give preferential treatment to their own?

While the police polish their badges, here’s Terri Horman:

Terri Moulton Horman, the stepmother of missing Kyron Horman, made three 9-1-1 calls the day her husband took their daughter and left their home…


Her husband and daughter have left home. Her son is missing. Why did she call; the cops?

One source said the first call made by Terri came in as a Priority Three call at 5:18 p.m. and was about someone in a truck threatening her. Moments later Terri made the second call and said a man wanted $10,000. But there was no explanation given for why he wanted it.

No need. The police were on to it. And we have been told already that Kaine Horman left home because police told him about the alleged plot to have him murdered:

Two days after Kaine moved out and took the couple’s daughter he filed for divorce and got a restraining order against Terri. Judge Keith Meisenheimer sealed the restraining order because he said allowing it to be made public could put the investigation into the disappearance of Kyron in jeopardy.

But on Wednesday prosecutor Norman Frink wrote Meisenheimer a letter withdrawing his opposition to the unsealing of Kaine’s restraining order against Terri.

The media are doing the police’s dirty work:

In the letter Frink writes: “Given the media coverage over the past long weekend, the Multnomah County Major Crimes Team could no longer stand by its assertion in my affidavit of July 2 that unsealing the sealed matters before you would undermine our on-going criminal investigation. I express no opinion on any position Terri Horman might have in the matter.”

Kyron Horman is missing…


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