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Please Duchess Fergie, Suck Out My Fat (Again)!

by | 8th, July 2010

I NEVER tire of news of Fergie, the Duchess of York. Now I learn that Her Grace has a new champion – the wonderfully named American novelist Laura van Wormer who proved her literary talent by writing the biography of the Ewing clan from the 80s’ TV series Dallas.

How apt that a connoisseur of Southfork should now rush to the aid of the one-time chatelaine of South York.

Sarah Ferguson – Life And Fashion Crimes

Laura has set up a Facebook page called catchily, Bring Back The Duchess of York To Weight Watchers. For an explanation I go to Laura’s website where I read this:

“Well, I don’t know about you, but my food has been a mess ever since she was replaced at Weight Watchers.  I don’t know what it is about her that galvanizes hundreds of thousands of Americans to do something about their weight and overall health but I strongly suspect it has to do with Sarah giving us permission to make ourselves vulnerable to one another.”

Which reminds me, I must seek Fergiana’s permission next time I need a helping hand to insert a suppository.

Laura and Fergie share a history. Together they wrote a historical novel called Wingfield which has never seen the light of day for reasons unexplained. Laura will only say that the world’s loss is not the duchess’ fault. So that leaves the publisher or Laura herself as guilty party.

Meantime, how’s Laura’s Facebook campaign doing? She has attracted just, er, 44 members to date.

Nominative determinism with La Van Wormer


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The Duchess of York with Princess Beatrice (left) and Princess Eugenie, who celebrated her 11th birthday at Disneyland in Paris. *...The royal party spent the day trying out all the attractions in the Disneyland Park and meeting their favourite Disney characters including Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

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