Anorak News | Her Smile Put Off Punter, But She Took Cash Anyhow

Her Smile Put Off Punter, But She Took Cash Anyhow

by | 9th, July 2010

NOT everyone in the USA has American teeth, who massive gnashers that make you think of cricket and Steven Spielberg’s wet, salty dreams.

In Gainesville, police are listening to Dan Alford say how he wanted to hire Jennifer B. Elder for sex but called off negotiations when he saw her teeth.

Alford says he was out driving along when he spotted Elder. He honked his horn. A chat ensued. They talked of “a spaghetti dinner and the possibility of having sex”.

Then “when Elder smiled and (Alford) saw the extent of her dental issues (as perceived by him)“. The date was cancelled.

At which point elder grabbed a checkbook containing $78 from his shirt pocket (no, impaled on her tooth) and ran off. Elder says Alford had tucked the cash into her bra.

Teeth, of course, can be overrated in sex liaisons. Old Mr Anorak, says teeth are best left in jar by the bedside table. And do you need teeth for spaghetti?

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