Anorak News | ‘Have You Ever Had A Shower With A Queer?’ Asks Pentagon

‘Have You Ever Had A Shower With A Queer?’ Asks Pentagon

by | 10th, July 2010

FOUR hundred thousand US soldiers have this week been sent a $4.5m Pentagon questionnaire asking them whether they’ve ever taken a shower with a homosexual. What a fascinating queeeeery.

There are other lifestyle questions, of course, but the shower one is most revealing – is there anyone more vain than a screwed-up cock-cunter who imagines every screamin’ cock-cocker is a-dreamin’ of a-creamin’. In the shower!

The Pentagon explains that it just wants to assess attitudes to gays in the armed forces ahead of the repeal of the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy on uniformed homos. So what’s with the secrecy? We only know of the survey because The Washington Post broke the story. The military boss cock-cunters are all in a tizz.

Other questions include, “Do you currently serve with a male or female service member you believe to be homosexual?” and “In the unit where you had a leader you believe to be gay or lesbian, about how many other unit members also believed the leader to be gay or lesbian?”

How marvellous. It’s news to me that the armed services are a democracy, and I’m sure the 19-year-old redneck cherry-popping trooper grunts won’t let down the expectations of queerophobic top brass.

What might sanistise this revolting exercise is if the Pentagon came up with a questionnaire for lesbians and gays. One of the questions might read, ‘Have you been assigned to share bath facilities with an open bay shower that is also used by a service member you believed to be heterosexual?”

Now that would balance out the prejudices and stereotyping assumptions, wouldn’t it.


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