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Kyron Horman: Kaine Horman Almost Certain Terri Horman Disappeared Boy

by | 10th, July 2010

KYRON Horman: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at the missing 7-year-old in the news: Kaine Horman says Terri Horman almost certainly guilty of something.

Terri Horman is being tried by media. The police have not found Kyron Horman; have made no arrests; ballsed up a sting on Terri Horman; and have presented no evidence of a crime have taken place. All we know is that Kyron Horman is missing. And we knew that on June 4.

The Sop: “Public Condemnation: Desiree Young portrays Terri Horman as an Evil, Conniving Actress!”

On what evidence? Police have not named Terri Horman as a suspect in any crime they believe to have been committed. What says you, armchair detectives?

Our search for answers requires an understanding of psychology and family relationships, as well as a canny eye for any twists and turns that might signal a derailing.

And you thought it just required evidence.

Terri is tough and will not crack. Even the parents don’t believe that Terri will ever break. They must be in the know about her leathery hide that just won`t crack up.

The media keeps applying the pressure. Kaine Horman is invited on the telly to invite the goods folks at home to join in the whispering campaign agsitn Terri Horman and damn her:

“I think the percentages are so small that I have no optimism in that regard, no,” Kaine Horman said when asked if there was any chance his wife, Terri Horman, was innocent.

So. There is a chance Terri Horman is not involved  in Kyron’s disappearance. Indeed , we have seen no evidence that she is. Any clues?

Horman, who spoke to “Good Morning America” alongside his ex-wife and Kyron’s mother, Desiree Young, said that Terri seemed different after birth of the 19-month-old daughter, Kiara. “She went through some post-partum depression after the birth and her emotional state was more erratic,” Horman said.

In other news:

Terri took and failed two polygraph tests


KGW previously learned that Terri Moulton Horman, Kaine’s estranged wife and Kyron’s step-mother, had taken at least two lie-detector tests and the source said that police believe she was withholding information.

Such are the facts. What you believe is not evidence, is it?

What do we know about the landscaper who claims Terri Horman approached him to kill her husband Kaine Horman?

The story about the story starts with a great reporter, Maxine Bernstein — everyone here calls her Max. She knows everyone and everything about law enforcement in Portland. She heard about the plot to kill Kaine Horman and that it was part of documents a court had sealed (the details of which were released Thursday — affirming her story). She found the landscaper, and she confirmed independently what she had initially heard. All the conversations were required to be off the record, and she, quite understandably, told the landscaper she would not use his name.

Terri Horman was the last person known to have seen Kyron Horman alive.


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