Anorak News | Ashley Cole ‘Gave’ Cheryl Cole Malaria?

Ashley Cole ‘Gave’ Cheryl Cole Malaria?

by | 11th, July 2010

CHERYL Cole has malaria and is very ill in hospital. And if you want someone to blame, then blame not her alleged lover Derek Hough, who took a married women on a “romantic” holiday to Tanzania, not the venue for not keeping malaria-infested mosquitoes at bay, but blame Ashley Cole. The man’s a tabloid monster!

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As the NoTW says:

The fact is, we came close to losing someone very special,” say a source. The paper adds:

Friends blame husband Ashley – who Cheryl is in the process of divorcing – for bringing her to the low point that made her easy prey to the disease

If Cheryl Cole dies, the tabloid logic seems to be that Ashley Cole would have killed her.

And Cheryl is very ill with “the killer plasmodium falciparum strain of malaria”.

As for Ashley Cole, well, he’s in LA on holiday.

But yesterday he showed his bully boy side as he SHOUTED at another customer at the trendy Les Deux nightclub in Hollywood. Flanked by an 18-stone bouncer, pint-sized Cole snarled: “Leave me and my girls alone or I’ll put you in a brace!”

He’s saying that to everyone?

And the worm’s mates ordered bouncers to THROW OUT any clubbers he suspected were members of the media. The nasty scenes came just 24 hours after grinning Cole upset yet more fans by refusing to talk about Cheryl’s condition.

Oi! Ash! How d’yer feel that Cheryl’s almost dead. Oi! Ash! Over here, Ash! Ash. Ash! Ashlleyyyyyyyyyy…

And his hot-headed England pal Shaun Wright-Phillips angrily confronted the snapper for daring to ask. The mad-eyed Manchester City midfielder screamed: “Just shut the f*** up! Leave the f***er alone! What is wrong with you?

Ashley Cole’s Women (NSFW – Alleged)


And on Tuesday he was snapped gawping at Ellie and Melissa in their skimpy bikinis.

You mean students Melissa Naik and Ellie Hartley, with whom Ashley Cole chatted as a photographer leant over balcony zoomed in on? The dirty, dirty swine!


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