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Barack Obama’s Tuxedo Killer Wants New Prison JLS Tattoos

by | 11th, July 2010

WE first encountered Daniel Cowart, 20, in October 2008, when along with Paul Schlesselman, 18, he planned to murder Barack Obama and tens of black people.

The plan to kill Obama was foolproof:

In separate interviews with investigators, the men said that they planned to speed their vehicle toward Obama while “shooting at him from the windows”.

Having driven to meet Obama in a car bearing a swastika and “numerous racially motivated words and symbols” (written in chalk), they would blend in seamlessly with the black scene by dressing in all white tuxedos and top hats”.

Amazingly, the Fred Astaire White Supremacists were spotted. In court, he pleaded guilty. He faces 12-18 years inside.

Now Cowart is back in the news. His lawyer “has filed a motion asking that he be transported to the Madison County Jail for tattoo alteration before he is sent to federal prison”.

He wants a better tattoo. He’s seen the rival face art and realises he needs to up his game?

Well, kind of. Cowart has a swastika tattoo on his right shoulder and an iron cross on the left side of his chest. He is linked to a group called the Supreme White Alliance.

Anorak cannot be certain why a man who wants to kill blacks would want his Nazi tattoos altered – but with some care the Swastika can be fashioned into a box of four squares each containing a likeness of a member of JLS; and the Iron Cross makes for a pretty decent target…


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