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Cat Killer Raoul Moat’s Suicide And PC Rathband’s Story In Pictures

by | 14th, July 2010

RAOUL Moat is dead. And PC David Rathband wants to talk to the press. Moat shot an unarmed Rathband in the face. PC Rathband wanted people to see his wounds. Now the Sun teases:

“Moat stared silently before blasting me in the eyes”

Raoul Moat is a “monster”.

David Rathband is the “patrol car hero”.

In the tabloids everyone gets a part. Moat was human being who killed. Rathband is heroic because he was sitting in a car at a roundabout when he got shot. He wants us to look at his face. Says Mr Rathband in the paper:

“Someone who’s willing to lay their life on the line for their country in Afghanistan is a hero. Raoul Moat is not a hero.”

Paul Gascoigne’s Radio Appeal To Raoul Moat: Audio And Pictures

Says PC Rathband, the Sun’s “hero“:

I looked into his eyes and I saw nothing – no emotion. Then I felt the pain full-on in my face. I knew my right eye socket had just exploded and my eye had gone.”

Grim details. Mr Rathabnd is badly injured. He tells the Sun:

“Every time I moved I heard the whooshing sound of blood coming out of my face. It was like the noise when you throw a bucket of water down an alleyway.”

Why do we need to know this. It is titillating stuff. We can’t empathise with Mr Rathband. All we can do is look at his face and hear of his trauma.

The Sun has not published the full story on line. To read it all you need to buy the paper. As the tabloid mantra goes, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

The Mirror, however, prefers to leads with Moat’s “Bizarre suicide pact”.

It’s “bizarre” because other suicide pacts are normal.

It’s Day 3 of Marissa Reid’s shag ‘n’ tell. She is mother to two of Moat’s children. And she’s here to tell us once more that the man who murdered his ex-lover Samantha Stobbart’s boyfriend Chris Brown, who shot Ms Stobbart and killed himself, had violent tendencies. Without Reid’s unchallenged testimony we might never have known.

Here’s today’s news:

He drove her to a deserted beauty spot where the couple downed over-the-counter sleeping aid Nytol and vodka and eventually lost consciousness. They were saved by a passing police man. Doctors later said Moat’s enlarged heart, caused by steroid abuse, had saved him.

Raoul Moat had a big heart? And though his most recent suicide attempt took out three other people, it was at least succesful. Says Reid:

“We had been together a year when he started seeing an old girlfriend again. I was totally devastated. He told me he couldn’t choose between us and the only way we could stay together was if we killed ourselves.”

And he cheated on her:

“He had so many affairs with young girls he met on the nightclub doors that he even gave me an STD when I was pregnant with our first child.”

Paul Gascoigne’s Radio Appeal To Raoul Moat: Audio And Pictures

Before those days with Reid, let’s hear another anecdote about the young Moat:

One of his ex-classmates from Stockfield Avenue primary said: “He set fire to boxes at the back and it was totally destroyed. He also killed a mate’s cat by throwing it off a bannister. We all tried to stop him, but he said it would land on its feet. Then he slammed it down and broke its back.”

Mata is a kitten killer. This will damn him in the eyes of the pet-loving British.

In other news, what of the “shrine” to Moat? The Daily Star has news:

FURIOUS villagers last night demanded police destroy a sick shrine to Raoul Moat. Ghoulish “fans” of the killer have been stealing souvenirs and flooding streets with tributes.

Might not these “fans” be some of Moat’s relatives and friends who knew him? But the media are hanging around Rothbury and they need a story.

Chris Brown’s mother, Sally, said: “I don’t understand now, for some reason, why he is being praised and seen as some hero. It’s so wrong.”

One possible explanation can be found here.


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