Anorak News | Police Cover Mooning Store Window Mannequin With Brown Paper

Police Cover Mooning Store Window Mannequin With Brown Paper

by | 14th, July 2010

IN the window of Hannah’s Treasures, at 504 Court Street, Beatrice, Nebraska, the mannequin’s knickers have fallen down around her ankles.

A complaint is made. The police react. They try to contact store owner, Kevin Kramer. They want the mannequin made decent. But he cannot be reached.

So. The officers of the law paper over the window with brown paper. Some call it “flesh coloured”.

Says Kramer:

“I had a phone call Wednesday from a lady who used to work for me saying there’s paper on the windows covering up the mannequin. (The police) have to find something to do, so they go pick on the guy with the naked mannequin.”

Kramer hires lawyer, Dustin Garrison. He says the police broke the law in covering up the mannequin. Says Garrison:

“Nothing about a naked mannequin constitutes obscenity. I think we’ve all gone into a department store and seen a naked mannequin at one point in our lives. In our opinion, nothing that Mr. Kramer did was obscene or criminal in nature. Officers did conduct themselves in a criminal manner.”

City lawyer Tobias Tempelmeyer counters:

We’re currently looking at whether or not it was obscene. The U.S. Supreme Court and State of Nebraska have a system to determine if something is obscene. At this point, I’m not willing to say one way or another.”

The system is simple. If you think it is obscene, you are deemed to be possessed by a dirty mind and are flogged in a public space to the thrill of the decent onlookers. If you think it not obscene you are taken from this place and flogged in public before decent people until you realise the error of your ways and find it obscene.

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