Anorak News | Rochdale Shopping Centre Installs The Iranian Squat Toilets

Rochdale Shopping Centre Installs The Iranian Squat Toilets

by | 14th, July 2010

THE Rochdale Exchange has introduced Iranian toilets to capture the shoppers’ weapons of mass destruction.

The Iranian toilet is also known as the squat toilet, or the Nile pan. The user does not sit on the seat but rather hovers over a hole. The thrill of the aim cannot be overlooked. Men now have the option to chase the blue brickette in the urinal trough or enact a bombing run over Tehran.

The Manchester Evening News reports:

Community activist Ghulam Rasul Shahzad said managers decided to offer a wider range of WCs after attending one of his training courses.

Is this practical training course enacted for the benefit of Rochdale’s toilet going community? Are their people in Rochdale who don’t use the toilet?

The retired Rochdale council training officer, who also runs community cohesion courses for police, took centre manager Lorenzo O’Reilly and his team on a tour of the town’s central mosque, including a look at its toilets.

Into the prayer room:

He said: “The management at the centre were very committed to improving the service they offered to the community and were very responsive. We always work together to understand each other from both sides and find a balance. That is the beauty of Rochdale. That is why I am proud to be a Rochdalian.”

Nothing better than a good crap, granted. It is one thing that runs like a Stag night usher to the Raj Poot’s facilities through all races and creeds. But how long can you sat before the legs bucket? And what effect will the new lavs have on the sales of tabloid newspapers…?

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