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Rochdale’s ‘Muslim-Only Toilets’ And Other Daily Star Crap

by | 15th, July 2010

THOSE squatting toilets in a Rochdale shopping centre give the Star the front-page headline:


This is, of course, crap. Anyone can use the toilets and there will no Muslim checkpoint at the door:

Question 1: Are you a Muslim

Yes,” says the skinhead desparate for a poo.

The toilets are open to anyone able to hover above the hole. They render it truicky to read and squat or engage in a spot of onanism. The squatting loos are not for Muslims only – they are for decency and the Iranian way.

The Star couches the shitstorm in typical tabloidese fury:

But locals have blasted them as a waste of cash. One angry resident, Ellen Dean, 49, fumed: “I work in a bookies here and everyone who comes in is up in arms about them.”

Why can’t people just wander out and piss against a tree or shit in handbag? Britain is going to hell in a handcart:

“They are totally unnecessary. Even the majority of the Muslims here don’t seem to want them.”

Always good when a woman who works in a bookmakers can speak for a “majority of Muslims”. It’s almost as good as when a Muslim who rants at Jewish pigeons stands for the “Muslim community”. Our bookmaker talking to a Star hack goes on:

“Most of the people of Rochdale won’t be able to use them and I guarantee elderly people will be totally confused by them.”

The elderly will most likely mistake them for spin dryers or a hairdressing salon and get a blue rinse from the little brick in the toilet’s base.

Cleaner Scott Hewitt, 36, added: “No-one can understand the point of these, they’re just a joke.”

Scott. It’s pretty simple. You squat over them and take a dump. No, Scott. Nooooooo. Take off your trousers, first. Oops! Ok, next time wear a burka – less zips.

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