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Raoul Moat: How The Media Created A Folk Hero And Lamented The Fact

by | 15th, July 2010

RAOUL Moat: How the media created a folk hero and then lamented the fact. Reader C&C writes:

THE media can’t make someone a folk hero and then complain because the Great British Public follow.

The media have made Moat into a cult hero because the story has all the ‘hold the front page’ necessities and SkyNews had ‘their man’ creeping around to get close and record every sound…. very Damien of Drop the Dead Donkey.

Key words…. guns, steroids, bouncer, jailbird, battered, mohican, sewers, fatherless, suicide by cop, surviving in the wild, found his campsite etc etc.

Paul Gascoigne’s Radio Appeal To Raoul Moat: Audio And Pictures

I especially loved the zoom-in shots of the empty can of Heinz beans and sausages next to the supermarket carrier bag that inferred he had signed up for loyalty points while on the run! I swear I saw Damien hanging around that one! In fact, if truth be known, he was probably weilding the taser.

The police also seem to have got carried away with grand-standing for the cameras wearing all the storm-trooper kit and caboodle from Planet of the Apes instead of actually doing their job and finding him.

Women are murdered every day by husbands/partners who think of them as property and cannot accept being dumped; there is often associated deaths but for some reason this has been hyped up in a pseudo-Rambo movie that in a surreal way reminded me of ET.

Media Revels In Raoul Moat Violence: Pictures (get a load of that still above of Sky News showing viewers the kind of weapon that might kill Moat. Phwoarr!)

Basically Moat was a plain old thug with a gun and a sense of ‘How dare you?’ Why give him any recognition that may give him kudos in history and deamean the memory of all the other women ( and men) in similar circumstances who barely warrant three lines in their local rag? It stinks.

Shame on the media for bigging it up and the police for joining in.

AS Yampster notes:

Most of the people who have joined the Facebook site are there to slag off those who support Moat. The press chooses to ignore this when quoting the number of ‘members’.


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Raoul Maot lies prone

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