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Peter Mandelson’s Memoirs Are Slime Fiction: Pictures

by | 15th, July 2010

HERE’S Lord Peter Mandelson posing for photographers at the launch of his memoirs ‘The Third Man‘ at Hatchards, in Piccadilly, central London. Hatchards, we said. Not hatchets.

The highlight of the entire book is Tony Blair, allegedly, calling Gordon Brown “mad, bad and dangerous”.

Had only Mandy released that quote during the electisn Brown might have looked charismatic, rather than a vain man who refused until the last moment to test the public reaction to his inherited leadership of a – get his – democracy.
As it was Mandy ran the Labour election campaign in which Gordon Brown would be voted in as PM. Mandelson knew Brown was crap yet still worked to keep him in his job as Labour Party leader.
The Times is serialising the book published by Rupert Murdoch’s Random House brand. Why bother buying the book when you can buy the paper and get the edited highlights?

As the first line goes: “He was the best of slimes, he was the worst of slimes…”

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