Anorak News | Raoul Moat: Siobhan O’Dowd’s Facebook Satire And Cameron’s Fame Lust

Raoul Moat: Siobhan O’Dowd’s Facebook Satire And Cameron’s Fame Lust

by | 15th, July 2010

THE RIP Raoul Moat You Legend Facebook tribute page is no more. David Cameron wanted it banned. To any sane individual, Raoul Moat was a violent nutter not worthy of comment. But given the thrill of the TV chase and the celebrity element of Gazza in his nightie, he became famous. And, boy, do we love fame.

So. Famous David Cameron stands up to say that he can’t understand why anyone would admire Raoul Moat. Did that need saying? If Dave thought Moat worthy of respect he’d be unfit for office. We, the relatively sane, can understand that some things don’t need saying . We just know some things to be true without them being placed on the media record in an orchestrated stunt to look reasoned.

Good to know that Dave will not be supporting laws to legalise the shooting of policemen and girlfriends.

We turned in the radio last night and heard Siobhan O’Dowd, the woman who had created RIP Raoul Moat You Legend on Facebook not as a work of biting satire but as an actual tribute page. She told talkSport’s Ian Collins that Moat had done good in “keeping police on their toes“.

Collins says Siobhan O’Dowd is the “stupidest” woman he had ever spoken with.

Siobhan talked and talked:

“We don’t condone what he did, as what he did was wrong. I feel sorry for the families but he was still a human being at the end of the day. He had problems and needed help and he didn’t get any help.”

“Legends get talked about and he’s being talked about so in my eyes he’s a legend. You lot all think he’s a bad person because of what you’ve read in the paper. I don’t agree with the shootings that he did but I can’t understand his girlfriend. If my ex-boyfriend was in jail and I was that scared of him I’d pack up my stuff and leave – I would not write him a letter saying I’m s******* a copper.”

Siobhan O’Dowd might put her Facebook page back up. As she says, “everyone is entitled to their own opinion.”

Whiel we look into hwo that can be banned, the BBC says:

The “RIP Raoul Moat you Legend” page on the popular social networking site had attracted around 35,000 supporters.

No it hasn’t. It has attracted that many people interested in it. And lots of them have alternative opinions, which you can read here


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