Anorak News | Raoul Moat: NoTW Buys Sam Stobbart’s Story For Six Figures And Creates The Legend

Raoul Moat: NoTW Buys Sam Stobbart’s Story For Six Figures And Creates The Legend

by | 16th, July 2010

RAOUL Moat. Say what you like about the media’s folk hero, or join a cult, but he takes care of his loved ones. He took care of Samantha Stobbart with guns – and now she’s sold her story to the press for six figures.

This is the press that hate just hate – the idea what people can hero worship Mot. They hate it so much that they will burnish his celebrity with a story from the ex-lover he shot and whose boyfriend he murdered.

You can read her story in Sunday’s News of the World in a deal brokered by Max Clifford. Says he:

“Samantha came out of hospital tonight and a deal has been agreed for her to do an interview with the newspaper this Sunday.”

Given that there will be an inquest into Moat’s death and a criminal investigation into how he shot and killed, what Sam Stobbart can say will be less than insightful. But look out for pictures of she and the killer in happy times

And then read in the Sun, the NoTW, sister paper how awful it is that some people think the famous Moat is worthy of idolising.”GOT HIM,” says the Sun on its front page as the Moat as trapped. “GOTCHA“, says the Sun as hundreds die in war. Perspective is all in tabloidville when you’re creating a legend…

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