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Women On the Web And Other Vindictive Vigilantes

by | 17th, July 2010

ZOE Willaims tells Guardian readers what women look for on the intenet. Clue: it;s not porn, banking, sport, Zoe Williams or laughs:

Contrary to popular presentation, Mumsnet is not the only site women visit. There are acres of girly chat. Not very much chat-traffic is criminal or exploitative, but check out the Facebook groups for a flavour of how unpleasant some of the supposedly mumsy stuff is. There’s a proliferation of vigilante rage directed at child abusers: “jamie bulger’s killers should never have been released!”; “i bet i can find a billion people who are against jon venables and r thompson!!!!”; “Don’t forget about Maddie”; “Justice for Baby P”. The numbers of signatories are enormous – sure, at over 37,000 names, the Venables/Thompson page loses a bet with itself about finding a billion. But 37,000…

And let’s not forget Siobhan O’Dowd, with her “38,000” Raoul Moat Moatites.

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