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Raoul Moat: Sam Stobbart’s Story In Words, Pictures And Video

by | 17th, July 2010

SAM Stobbart, shot by her ex-lover Raoul Moat, tells everyone what occurred that fateful night.

Stobbart has secured the services of Max Clifford and been paid six figures for her story. She looks pretty good, all things considered. And not quite one of the Daily Mail’s stereotypically skeletal, rough-looking bottle-blondes”.


Says Sam:

“Me and Chris were having a really good time, obviously we had forgotten about Raoul by then.”

Chris is Chris Brown, the lover Stobbart told Moat was a copper and that she was, allegedly, about to shag.

“We went towards the gate… we were going out of the gate, Raoul jumped out from under the window. I shouted: ‘Chris, that’s Raoul’.

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Moat had been listening by the window for some time.

“We were happy chilling and relaxing and it was getting late and we were both training in the morning. We got up to leave. He gave me a kiss before he opened the door.”

Stobbart then cries.

“That’s when he shot Chris.”

Moat did not kill Sam Stobbart:

“Somehow my arm ended up in front of me as a block. The doctors say if my arm had not been there then I would have been dead.”

Any regrets?

“I told him (Moat) I was seeing a police officer because I was frightened. But that wasn’t true. Now I just wish I hadn’t said it.”

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Raoul Maot lies prone

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