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Kerry Katona Gets Ear Attached To Her Face? Pictures

by | 18th, July 2010

KERRY Katona has an extra hole. Useful, you’d suppose for any budding strumpet.

Matthew Acton tells us:

Years of cocaine abuse have made a gap in her septum so big she can put the arm of her glasses in . . . out, in out and shake it all about.

Katona’s talent nose [joke!] no limits. Men turned on by noses may well tremble and push their leg down. Finally, the three nostril-woman of their fantasies.

But with one talented hooter must come two more and news is that Katona will get her Jordans enlarged to even more gargantuan dimensions. Says one wowed source:

“And she can stick her finger up one side and poke it through to the other.”

Might this be the talent that helps Katona move her career on apace? She starts with a finger, then a hand, then an arm and before long she can turns herself inside out thought her nose.

“The surgeon said the hole was sizeable and if he can’t pull the ends of the nasal lining together then he may have to use some cartilage from the ear.”

Soon everyone will want an ear in their middle of their face. Kerry is a trendsetter. If she can get a nipple grafted onto the top of her head she may yet achieve the post-modern dream…


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